The Product You Can Create Right NOW

Let’s say you have no experience in product creation. You don’t even have experience in your chosen niche. So you probably think you can’t create a product of your own, right?


The Product You Can Create Right NOW

Guess again! You are in prime position to create a “101” product. There are always new people entering any niche who need help. By creating a beginners’ product for them, you are doing three things:

1: You are becoming an expert yourself. After all, the best way to learn anything is to teach it.

2: You are establishing yourself as the go-to expert for these new-comers. They will continue to look to you in the future to guide them further along the path.

3: You are creating your first product which you can sell yourself, keep all the money – and even get affiliates to sell for you.

Leverage your experience in this way to help others, and you can create a valuable product and bring it to market within the next 7 days. Wash, rinse and repeat, and you can become a prolific online expert in any niche you choose within the next year.

Keep in mind, it only takes reading 7 books on a topic to become an expert yourself.


Read Books

Do this with any topic your passionate about, commit to distilling, simplifying and teaching what you learn to others, and YOU can become one of the go-to experts in the field within a relatively short period of time. Then, once you have followers who trust you, pitching products and making sales is easy as pie.

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