The Theory That We Can’t Lose Unless We Quit

It is really pretty simple to realize that unless you quit you keep trying. So the only way you can truly lose is if you quit trying. Something here reminds also of the sayings about ‘losing the battle but not the war’, and that ‘the road to success is littered with failures’.

never quit!

The key must be not to beat yourself up to the degree that you just give up. It must be that we need to observe what has happened for better or worse, to note the actions that lead to the result; and if the result is failure, then we need to know how to do it differently so that we produce victory. So failure should only be seen as a lesson.

Quite possibly we need more information and experience all along the way, even if we are not flat-out failing, just to perfect our style. A healthy person enjoys are hard work to achieve something. The more they want that something, the more energy and time they are willing to invest.

In particular people say they really want to start a home business. They may feel this way because they realize they are not happy with their circumstances. Whether that indicates they are not earning as much money as they want or need, or that they do not enjoy some or even all the aspects of performing the job they have.

It can be particularly disheartening if one really strives to go above and beyond what is expected so that they excel, but there is no reward. They may have an ignorant or poor manager who feels they are already paying the person a fair wage. They may pay the same wage to people who just show up and take up a chair for 8-hours, barely scraping by to get the minimum done on time.

Some people will just stay in a miserable situation because they believe they have no choice. This is really sad since our working hours take up such a large percent of our lives. It is actually unhealthy to believe being unhappy and dissatisfied is acceptable. So this may be why when people see there are alternatives that they are attracted to them.

It is particularly advantageous because it is easier to work at home part-time while supporting yourself with your job, than to either get a second job or to look for another position while employed full-time. One does have to take into consideration the necessity of supporting oneself while they are developing a business. Online may be easier, more convenient and less expensive, but it is still reality where things take time and effort to achieve success.





Howard Whittington

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