They Say the Road to Success is Littered with Failures

This is one of those sayings that really has a deeper
meaning that is worth meditating about so as to get the
benefit of the wisdom therein. Bottom line is it means that
we don’t always reach our target goal on the first or even
second attempt; but that if we are really determined to
succeed, we get back up on the horse each time we are thrown
until we do.

Many times, because of human nature, we tend to set our
goals too high or expect magic because we are not thinking
logically when we are excited about something. Surely the
Internet marketing world is ripe with statements that infer
promises that can lead to unrealistic expectations if we are
not logical.

When we read that someone is making big money with little
effort, we somehow skip the part where they tell us how many
years they struggled to get to that place. Yes it is
possible to make big money on the Internet. Yes it is
preferable to work for one’s self rather than for someone
else. Yes it is POSSIBLE that we can do both. What is not
possible is wealth without work, unless we win the lottery
or inherit money. Sorry, but that is the facts of life.

We learn from our mistakes and maybe we need some time to
lick our wounds after we have had a failure. But the
important thing is to keep trying – try and try again until
you get it right. Analyze what you did and what you think
your mistakes were or what you could have done differently
to possibly have a different outcome. Then just start over.
Each time you do this you will be starting from a position
of more knowledge and more power. You will build momentum,
gain confidence and you WILL make it some day.

For most people they will need to work very hard to earn a
living in today’s economy, and that will just keep their
‘head above water’ – they will be able to survive,
although just ‘living from paycheck to paycheck’, which
infers never getting ahead but just keeping afloat. In the
current economic environment we are pretty much trapped into
taking whatever job we can get and being fortunate to have
it, doing the best we can. After all, an underpaid job with
no possibility of promotion is better than no job at all.

So are we just beaten down with no options? No, actually we
can take control of our own destiny if we are willing to
work a little harder. In reality no matter how hard you
work the position you have is never going to expand and you
may never be able to get a better position in that company
because there just isn’t any opportunity. Bottom line is
no matter how nice a company is they have tasks that need to
be done and they are there to see that the company runs, not
to make life better for their employees.

So think in terms of doing something for yourself, apart
from your ‘day job’. Use the opportunity there to survive
as well as you can while you build something on your own.
You might have to make some further sacrifices in order to
do this but it will be worth it. It may take some time too,
so in the meantime, always be looking for a better job –
funny how that works, but if you already have a job they say
it is easier to find another one.

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