Two Great Ways To Make Money Online

Two of the easiest ways to make money online are by writing, and by selling your unused or unwanted stuff. As a source of extra income, writing for blogs or websites, and posting items for sale are both fun and easy to do and there are plenty of opportunities to do both online.

The two best known sites for selling your items are eBay and Craig’s List, and both are easy to use, allowing you to keep track of your listings, edit them and post photos. eBay charges a small fee for listing items, although the site also frequently has specials or free listing periods. On eBay, you can choose to sell your item at a fixed price, allow people to bid on your item, or a combination of both.

The more you sell on eBay, the more of a good reputation as a seller you will have. EBay allows you to sell to buyers all over the country, or even in other countries. On both eBay and Craig’s List, you can literally sell just about anything, although furniture, electronics, collectibles and books are all good things to sell. On Craig’s List you are limited to local buyers.

There are dozens of sites that require articles to be written, and these sites then submit your articles to other websites or print publications. As long as you can write clearly and with good grammar and spelling, you do not need to be the world’s best writer. Most sites require you to register with them, and some will require a writing sample. The amount of work available and the deadline for submitting your work can vary, and you can expect to be paid between $2 and $10 per article, depending on its length.

With some of these sites, you are assigned an article to write; with others, it is a system of job postings and you claim any articles to write that you are interested in. Still other writing sites allow you to write about anything you like, and then make it available for anyone to buy. With so many writing sites, you really have to check a few of them out to see which work best for you; there is nothing to stop you writing for more than one at a time.

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