Two Network Marketing Skills You Need

Network marketing is a great way to make money today. Many people are using it to make a 6 figure income from home, and you can do the same.

What it is

This is where you sign up to become a distributor for a company’s products or services. You have to pay a yearly distributor fee, and in many instances you are required to buy the product as well. Once you do that, your job is to get other people to buy the product or service, sign up the opportunity, and sometimes both. Here are 2 skills you need if you want to make money with this strategy:

Lead generation ability

Some network marketers start strong by recruiting everyone in their warm market (i.e. friends and family). Then when that dries up, their business comes to a crashing halt. Do not make this mistake.

You need to generate consistent leads once your warm market dries up. Some people do this by advertising in the paper for house parties they are holding. Others generate leads with their website, and follow up with a phone call. Still others buy leads from the network marketing firm. No matter what method you use, it is important that you have a consistent way to generate leads.

Communication skills

In network marketing, you are going to spend a great deal of time communicating with others. If you do not like talking to people, you are not going to like this business. Whether over the phone or in person, talking to others is a vital component of network marketing.


You can make good money with network marketing-if you can generate leads and you have good communication ability. If not, you will want to either learn them, or find another line of work. If you master those abilities, then a legitimate 6 figure income awaits you.

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