Understanding the Concept of Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the earliest forms of online income. While its popularity still remains unchanged in the 21st century, some people still have mixed feelings about earning income using this method. There are several factors you want to review before you decide if being part of a network is the right type of online business for you.

One of the most important factors to consider before you make a decision about a networking business is the type of income you are seeking. You can derive some immediate income from these types of businesses, but they are designed primarily for those who want a residual or future income. The premise of this business idea is to bring more people into your network and generate additional income from the sales of those new prospects.

All network marketing businesses are comprised of several types of income—sometimes as many as seven or eight different income streams. These income streams begin with those you personally sponsor and based upon the sales volume of others within the same network. These income streams flow upward to you from those you personally sponsored and continue through the remainder of your direct organization. This source is only one of the income streams you can find within a networking business.

Another income stream is bonuses a person receives for specific achievement levels. These will vary within different organizations, and is based on not only your own achievement level but also the achievement level of each person within the network. Your bonuses will increase as the total sales volume of your organization increases.

The dollar value of the income streams is progressive and also includes the residual income. If you are looking for an income source that will allow you to retire long before you are actually old enough or will just provide a comfortable retirement income, this type of business will help you reach those goals. However, those who are seeking immediate income just to meet current needs and desires may wish to look to something more in the area of e-commerce and online sales.

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