What Are Your Perceived Obstacles to Starting Your Own Home Business?

Is it maybe because you feel your technical/computer skills are hopelessly inadequate? Or you just don’t feel comfortable? This can be a critical problem because you do need to have only basic computer skills if you are going to have an online business – that is unless you plan to pay somebody else to do your work. It is not rocket science and you can do it – you just have to learn how and then you will get experience even if you are only at the stage of doing research or ‘shopping’ for opportunities and resources.

overcome your obstacles

If you have problems with basic things like emails and copy and paste, or even chronic trouble logging in – anything that could discourage you from doing what you need to do to have a successful home business, you need to conquer your fear in the first place and then GET HELP! There are many free online courses you can take. Just go to a search engine like http://google.com and query ‘computer training’ – some may charge a few dollars but it will be money well spent (and tax deductible as a legitimate business expense, so keep your receipts). It takes very little time to do an online course, and you can save digital files or even have printed documents that you will always have to keep as a reference.

One option is that there are community colleges that are online and they have all kinds of business related courses. You can even go beyond basic stuff and do intermediate level courses, such as learn how to use Word or Notepad (text editors); or even more technical areas like web design, networking and even programming.

Or is your obstacle that you feel that you can’t write creatively or write English (or whatever language)? Important considerations, because a big part of Internet marketing is dependent on being able to write blogs, ads, emails, sales letters, etc. If your home business is in the affiliate marketing niche, or if you are selling products or services, you are still going to need to know how to do basic writing. Unless you can afford to pay ghostwriters and copywriters to write your content, you need to start writing.

A blog is a great place to write because it is even less formal than email – both are good places to use your new skills and learn how to write. If people can talk, they should be able to put their thoughts into words and know how to type it – even if ‘hunt and peck’.

Again – ‘there is nothing to fear except fear itself’. Don’t be afraid to write a few bad ads or not so clear emails – you will learn if you read your work after you write it and kind of clean it up. Remember you are representing your business and yourself as a business owner. Grammar and spelling are top priorities in your written (typed) communication. (‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’). You don’t need to be perfect or formal – just professional and clear.

Whatever your perceived obstacle is, try to resolve it. If you can’t right now, then learn how to go around it. Make a note and go back to it someday. Navigating all of the information you have is also very important if you are going to be a professional business owner…

Howard Whittington

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