What Better Gift for a New Online Business than a Website Built for You Free

You may not think so and bypass this opportunity because you have heard there is little value in a ‘duplicated’ or ‘cookie-cutter’ website. No offense to old wives but there are some ‘old wives tales’ that are spread around the Internet all the time. It is not just that they are tired but they get a little twisted with everyone putting in their ‘two cents’ about ‘why’ it may be true.

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The worst thing about the rumors and misinformation is if you take them at face value, having no first-hand information to compare them to. This may cause you to dismiss the opportunity out of hand, all the while feeling confident in knowing what your sister’s brother-in-law’s cousin told you, being a real Internet expert after a year online.

Don’t miss the point. It is the content on a website that is scrutinized for the egregious sin of being duplicate – not the cosmetics or format. Ever think of how many thousands of successful blogs are using the same WordPress themes? They start out exactly alike. However, once someone starts to add their own content the website is unique. So even if some of the content is duplicate, for example the ads or images in addition to the theme, again you will make it one-of-a-kind when you start posting your own content.

A ‘pre-fabricated’ site is a place to start out from. It can provide the major functions necessary to display the site on the Internet, and ideally you will have access to the code. (There is a big difference if the site is not customizable and/or you can’t add your own content easily).

Many ‘free websites are not accessible to you and they are of little value other than for a sales page or splash page. These have value as advertisements such as a digital flyer, sign-up form, brochure, or ‘web form’. They would not be considered a ‘website’ unless they are customizable (you have access to the code or as with WordPress the ability to add pages and posts(content), and widgets, and etc. easily.

Most folks are not technically inclined and even with many years of computer experience as a user, we may not know how to do programming using HTML or PHP (the languages that are used to build websites). So having this done for us can be a major step up. It could take you possibly years before you could start your own online business if you had to learn programming and web design. In fact you can easily learn just enough HTML to add and change things on your site, with only the ability to copy and paste.

There are also many ‘editors’ that you can use to more easily change and navigate code. Most are primarily menu-driven and you can just click and choose a block of HTML code. It is up to you or if you even want to get into the more technical side of it. You may be like most who just want to do marketing and advertising to earn money as directly and effortlessly as possible.

In the future when you have everything else up and running, it only requires the desire to do it, along with some imagination and creativity to customize a (customizable) pre-made site so that you will feel that it is really yours and like no other!

Howard Whittington

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