What Going the Extra Mile Says About you

Starting with the opposite extreme, there are those people who merely take up a chair for 8-hours a day when ‘working’. They do the minimum they can get away with and rarely make any effort to do a ‘good job’. They couldn’t care less about the company or the customers. They only do as much as they do just to get their paycheck. They watch the clock incessantly.


It’s really sad to think of how unhappy these people really are, whether it is conscious or subconscious. It is much more normal even with an average worker for them to want to do a good job and to derive gratification from being thanked or appreciated for doing so. The promise of experiencing this may spur them on to do a good job each time they are called upon. They merely do the best they can.

With the ‘stars’ that really love their jobs and love helping others, ‘going the extra mile’ is something they take pride in. They may even use their initiative to be pro-active about issues and are seen as real “people pleasers”. They go above and beyond their job description and although they secretly must hope someone in authority will reward them someday, they just like knowing they did a good job.

What ‘going the extra mile’ says here is that the people who do are happy, generous people and they are to be envied. Hopefully somebody will notice and reward their efforts fairly. If not, then maybe they will ‘go the extra mile’ for themselves someday and realize they are capable of doing much more than what is expected of them or acknowledged.

This is a typical reason to start a business. Just right there from the get, it shows that the person is very bright and capable to believe that they can always do more. They could slide by with the status quo and just try to be satisfied with whatever the world has in store for them as long as they can pay their bills and survive decently; but no – instead they realize they can do more and they eventually take action.

It is very likely the same attitude that always pleased everyone that they came in contact with in their career will shine through when they are in charge! Now there is nothing stopping them to really give more of themselves to help others! Whatever their business is or does is bound to be a success with one of these bright and shining stars at the helm. Make it be YOU!

Howard Whittington

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