What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make some money online. The job of the affiliate marketer is to promote a company’s product, site or service. The business that is promoted rewards the publisher with money, sent online.

There are quite a few different forms of affiliate marketing, but the most common occurs when a publisher puts a link on their website or blog, the publisher then gets a certain revenue for the amount of people who follow the link to the company’s webpage where they can usually buy something. Or in other cases, the publisher refers a visitor to take some kind of action, such as signing up for something or filling out a survey.

Affiliate marketing is usually used by the owners of a blog or website. They advertise, people follow the advertisements, and the publisher gets a lot of money if there is a lot of traffic from the blog or website to the advertised webpage. Affiliate marketing arguably works the best with blogs. There is usually a level of trust between the readers and the blogger, so they are more likely to read the advertisements.

However, this can go both ways because if the blogger promotes a product that is bad for their image. Their readers can lose trust and eventually discontinue their visits to his or her blog.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy money for a blog. There has to be certain factors in place to ensure that they will make a profit. But if there is high traffic in a blog, the owner could make a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

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