What You Should Know About Google Plus

Google + is a social networking site that was launched by Google, the search engine giant. This is something a lot of people already know, but there are other things you might be interested in knowing about the site. Here is everything you need to know about Google Plus.


What Is Google Plus
As previously mentioned, it’s a social networking site. It lets users share content with people they know or with people who are connected to them (following them). When the service first launched, users were only able to join via invite. Eventually Google started to allow anyone to join.

Why Would People Want To Join Google Plus
There are a number of reasons for people to join Google Plus, such as having access to key features like Hangouts. This feature lets people video chat with others or instant message with other friends on the social network. There are many common features on Google Plus that you’ll find on other social media sites, but there are also a few features the site has that other sites don’t have.

Google Photos
Google Photos was once an extremely popular feature on Google Plus, and it allowed people to instantly upload their photos from their phones to the site. It also had a number of photo editing options. When the feature first rolled out, many photo editing companies ended up suffering, but eventually Google made the decision to separate Google Photos from Google Plus.

However, the social media site still lets people post photos to Google Plus. They can still share the photos with their connections. As for Google Photos, the product is still popular.

The Google Plus Button
Similar to Facebook’s Share/Like button that you find on third-party sites, Google Plus has its own button. It’s called the Plus button and pressing it allows you to automatically share the content to your Google Plus page. The button can be found on many sites.

It Played A Role In Ranking Sites
Many website owners found that sharing their websites’ content via Google Plus helped them with ranking their site in Google’s search results. Bear in mind there are many factors that determine how a site will rank, but it appeared that using Google Plus helped.

A few months ago, Google announced it would close Google Plus down due to various reasons. One reason is that user information was left exposed. Not only that, but when compared to Facebook, Google Plus didn’t really have that many active users who focused on using Google Plus over other social media websites, regardless of how many quality features the site had. Over the course of the next 10 months, Google will start shutting down the social media site, which means users will no longer be able to use it when it is officially shut down.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Plus, then feel free to do additional research. The social networking site might be shutting its doors in the future, but it might still be worth joining and using. Signup today, start using it and see how you like it.

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