Why Affiliate Marketing is a Great Way to Start a Home Business Online

Let’s start with the bottom line first: Why it is a good idea? It’s because you can ‘Just Do It’. There is no lengthy learning curve; there is no huge investment of money; there is no need to be particularly creative; no need to be a technical expert. You can actually become a member of a program in about 5-minutes from now and get started! (But wait! Please read the rest of this article first!)

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Why is it so possible to just start up an affiliate marketing business? It’s because by becoming a member of the program, you have in effect, been given license to profit from their intellectual property.They have already created the system and product, the website, and the membership program. All you have to do is use the resources and start marketing and advertising your affiliate link. The program will handle your sales transactions, support your customer, and do the accounting. If you make a sale or referral, then according to their compensation plan, you will earn a commission.

This is fondly referred to as ‘autopilot’ and you should really understand what that means. It definitely does not mean ‘sit back and wait’ for everybody to do the work for you; or for it to magically happen, and then your job is to just roll up to the bank with your wealth. Nothing will happen unless you are fully engaged in your business to consistently promote your business (affiliate link, affiliate sales page, etc.) over TIME. It may sound super easy to get started but you will need to build and develop your own
business if you want to succeed (EARN money) after you start.

When you see ads that make it sound so simple (which it really is) and instant (while possible, it is not probable if you have no marketing experience or ‘list’ (customers) that you can appeal to). Now don’t let that be an excuse to fail, if you don’t have a list, because every single person who ever made a dollar on the Internet or anywhere else had to START some place. The same place you are starting, at the beginning. The ones that succeed invested a lot of effort over TIME. They got the experience by doing it, and at the same time BUILT a list of prospects and customers.

‘No program works unless we do’ – so we can’t blame the program, the system, the government or the weather if we fail. It is just like any business – you have to do the work in order to get paid. When you are working for yourself, you may work a lot without getting paid while you are building. If you don’t understand this, then maybe you just need a job – or a second or third job. It’s no crime if you do not have the motivation or desire to actually develop a business yourself. However, you need to determine
that as soon as possible so you don’t waste time and money. Affiliate marketing is a great way to do that without risking much besides your monthly membership fees.

Be sure to check out the program thoroughly – read the site – their FAQ (frequently asked questions) and any documentation that explains who they are, what they do, how much it costs and how much you can make. Run some queries in a search engine like http://Google.com., unless you see legal documentation of actual fraud, or a huge list of bad reviews, consider negative remarks with an open mind. Many people who have had unrealistic expectations have been disappointed the minute they saw that they will need to w-o-r-k or spend any money or time to build a business. Sometimes they are embarrassed that they actually thought they could be instantly wealthy without work, and they will blame the program, but never themselves.

Don’t get in ‘over your head’ – do only what you can afford. Most scams have a high cost to participate and maybe ‘contracts’. They promise huge gains for your investment. Pick a low-cost program with no contracts. Don’t speculate – do only what you can afford. Consider the membership fees are due each month – consider small advertising and marketing fees (and much you can do yourself for free if necessary). Give it and yourself a fair chance.

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