Why Learn To Make Your Own You Tube Videos

Video is the next big thing. If you are a business owner or you are involved in digital marketing, you can’t afford to overlook this opportunity to boost your visibility and your authority in the online environment. There are a few good reasons why you should learn to make your own You Tube videos.


The first reason is that You Tube is the biggest video channel and search engine out there. Ranking your videos in You Tube is much easier than ranking any blog post or article in Google. You can optimize your titles and descriptions to attract a lot of high quality traffic from video search. Besides, You Tube videos are also part of the Google search results, so you can get some viewers from there as well. If you aren’t taking advantage of the features You Tube has to offer, you’re leaving money on the table. You can be sure your competitors will grab the audience you miss by not being there for them, on their favorite video channel.

While you can pay someone to make you the videos you need, you can get away much cheaper with making your own materials. If you have the footage, you can use a free video editor to put everything together and to create short films that convey your marketing messages in a clear and compelling manner. The fact that any good photo camera and many smartphones can shoot video in HD should be enough for you to start creating your own You Tube videos with minimum of expenses. You can put your money to better use by promoting your products across multiple channels.

Learning to make your own videos has another advantage, which is the freedom to choose your scripts and stories as you like. When you outsource the creation of these materials, it is difficult to control what’s going to be used and how everything is going to look. A professional can do an impeccable job from technical point of view, but from a marketing standpoint, you are the one who knows best what kind of messages your end result should convey to your audience. Since making videos is fairly easy, you can learn this skill in as little as a few hours.

These are only a few reasons why you should start thinking about creating and uploading video materials on You Tube. This free channel is one of the best digital marketing opportunities available today. You can reach out to millions of people without having to spend a small fortune on that. You can send out powerful messages and improve your online presence in a very effective manner.

The best way to learn this skill is to search for video lessons on You Tube. You’ll find many materials created by experienced professionals, so you’ll have the opportunity to study and compare them closely, in order to improve your ability to pick the right footage and to create powerful stories that convert viewers into loyal fans and potential customers.

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