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The easiest way to find free ideas to work at home are the search engines and using relevant keywords to query. You can find resources for information that will continue to help you in every step of the way to launching your business.

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For example you may be interested in eBay auctions. You can start by cleaning your closets and storage facilities to find items that are of value, but that you don’t need. eBay has full instructions on how to set up your own auctions. This would be ‘practice’ and to see if you like doing it.

If you do like that business model, you could find online companies that you can participate in as an independent distributor. You can auction the products and make a profit. You can do this with anything – clothes, electronics, arts and crafts, health and beauty products, etc.

By joining free affiliate programs, you have another easy way to find free work at home ideas that will help you to generate income. Programs like have products to sell and services to provide to enable you to earn commissions without spending money to start. There is a combination of ideas, that you can earn commissions with – referrals as well as for selling products or services. Just pick one or more and see how you do.

Another example, is if you have particular business and/or computer skills and experience. You can start a training site and charge people to consult with you about how to do things. Basic computer skills like using Windows, using a browser, using applications like Word Processors, etc. are some of the things they may need to know how to do.

Training may also include mentoring or coaching, such as sharing motivational concepts and sales or marketing techniques. Particularly people starting new businesses online might need a hand with these issues. They may have skills in A,B and C, but have some areas that could be added to their skills, where you could fill it in for them.

If you have administrative skills you could start a work at home job for yourself free. If you type for people that are writing eBooks or reports or just need to compose eMail correspondence you can earn money doing it from home. You can offer to handle their accounts payable or receivable if you can use simple applications like QuickBooks, Excel or even a calculator! Anyone of these areas may be where people just need a little help or it could become a full-time job.

Writing skills are particularly key if you like the idea of having a service related business online. There are many websites that require ad copy written, which can include creating content for article and blog marketing. You really don’t need to be a professional copywriter to do this, and just need to have basic creative writing skills. It is also important if you can ‘dot your i’s and cross your t’s’), i.e., taking the time to proofread to be sure you are using decent spelling and grammar. (if you see typos here nobody is perfect!) 😉

Any of these business models would involve your doing marketing and advertising yourself to promote sales. Just about anything you want to promote would involve these functions. People have to know you are there and what you will do for how much before you can turn these consumers into your happy customers. There are a number of free ways to do this on the Internet and as you grow you may be able to find some inexpensive ways to help yourself as well.

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