Work at Home – Multiple Streams of Income

The concept of multiple streams of income is a very wise one
that will give you some security. If you are just starting
to work from home to build your own business, you should
consider this because it makes so much sense on so many
different levels.

Mainly the theory is that if you have different sources of
income (for example different affiliate programs), that if
one source is not doing so well one month, it won’t matter
as much because you still have income from the other sources
to tide you over.

Another aspect of this is that some affiliate programs pay
lower commissions and only either by virtue of sheer volume
it adds up to a tidy sum; and/or it is also a good idea
having commissions from other sources to create a more
substantial income. This is how lots of different affilate
programs can work for you; At face value you may think you
don’t want to go through all the trouble and expense to
keep a program that pays $5 or $10 commissions – however if
you have volume from taking massive action to advertise, $5
or $10 times 20 or 50 is not so bad at all! ($100-$500).

It is notable here that ‘residual’ income is the kind of
income stream you want for the most part; this means you
make the sale one time and then each month you earn
commissions directly and indirectly from that source (mainly
from your own effort but also possibly a percentage of your
customer’s sales as well).

Possibly a combination of residual income and one-time-only
(OTO) sales would be a good mix for your business.
Sometimes you can make more money with OTO if you need money
fast – but then again you are constantly having to ramp up
your advertising and marketing to keep those one-hit-wonders
coming. Either way you need to build and sustain your
momentum at all times.

Still another way to look at the concept of multiple streams
of income is as completely disparate sources – For example
you may have a couple affiliate programs, and additionally
to earn more money you may provide some service to your
peers such as ghostwriting, editing, blog or link posting,
research, etc. Naturally if you have any skills with web
design – even just basic like being able to add or remove
banners from websites, then that too could be a source of
income that would all add up with the rest to create a
substantial monthly income.

In all cases when you first start out to build your
business, you may not know exactly what you want to do. As
you acquire knowledge and skills to do affiliate marketing,
(the easiest thing to do) then you may discover that you
really like, or at least don’t mind some facet of your
operations. This can be something you can pursue that can
represent an additional stream of income for your home

Just don’t ever say ‘I can’t’ – because you can. If you
just refuse to be put off or intimidated by technical
terminology or concepts, you will find that most things are
not that difficult to learn. With the way software and
systems are today, they do most of the real technical tasks
and you merely need to learn how to operate them from a
menu-based interface. Keep an open-mind in this regard and
remember that “there is no ‘can’t’” – there can’t be
when you need to do what is necessary to run your own

… but you ‘don’t know how’? You can learn. You have
search engines that can find just about anything you will
ever look for – (they are truly amazing); if you encounter a
term or concept you are not familiar with, just run a query
and you will have the answer within minutes. You will find
many free resources online that you can research even to
deeper levels and if you really find that you need training,
there are many ways you can do that online as well, many
times for free; so ‘just do it’.

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