Work at Home Typing – Earning Money by Working your Fingers!

Work at home typing jobs are among the most popular for those who wish to create an online income. Not much skill is needed to get started, and you can do so with no monetary investment. In this article, three ways to earn at home by typing are mentioned.


This involves listening to audio files and typing them up into documents. The types of files you would transcribe often fall into three categories: general, medical, and legal. Experience is typically necessary for the last two categories, but many people have been able to get a general transcription job with just knowing how to type. Transcriptions companies often require you to have a good deal of equipment, such as special audio players and pedals. However, this job generally pays more than other forms of typing jobs.

Data Entry

Many companies need data entry done for their business, and they often wish to contract it out rather than hire someone to work in-house. This work at home typing position requires little knowledge beyond basic typing, and can be done quickly by most people. The pay isn’t that great, but you can earn a great hourly wage if you are a fast typist and get can projects completed quickly.

Content Creation

Creating content can be done in various ways. You may write articles and submit them to directories in order to promote affiliate products. Another alternative to this kind of typing is offering a writing service to people who need content created. If you offer the service, you can choose to write articles, blogs, ebooks, press releases, manuals, or webpage content for others. The rates for each of these items would vary, but typically the more you write, the more you earn.

These are not the only work at home typing jobs you could do, as there are many opportunities available. It’s amazing how just having the one little skill of typing can present you with so many avenues for making money from home.

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