Working at Home – Your Head is Full of Possibilities

OK so maybe these include some possibilities that are not really possible. Many of us have extremely ‘creative’ imaginations and we may not be capable in a million years to for example come up with the funding to do something we envision.

anything is possible!

No big deal to get bummed out, or to feel like you are ridiculous. You may be able to use ‘plan b’ or even to amend ‘plan a’ so that it is in fact possible someday or even soon! There is always ‘plan c’ and so on. As you get pushed further out from your original idea, it may seem a bit disappointing so just give it some time to sink in and maybe it will prove to be the real answer.

Just on a normal day where we are not trying to recreate the Sistine Chapel, our brains should be programmed to think of new and better ways to do regular things. We can save time, save money, and save work if we can just always be thinking in terms of improvement. There is hardly anything, no matter how much you like it, that couldn’t be improved!

There is a bit of humility required here whether you must defer to yourself or maybe to an associate or friend that suggests something that actually resolves the issues making your idea impossible! Be ready to accept that and anything else that will engender a great spiritual gift like humility.

The gift you may get for cultivating something really priceless like humility may be far greater than you ever imagined. Maybe people will just love you for being like that and will never be reluctant to ask your opinion or to follow you into any ideas you may have that could include them.

Back down to earth, you could think of a more efficient way to keep your ‘books’ just using a simple program like Excel, rather than to spend money on a bookkeeping system to keep track of your commissions and expenses. With a little self-instruction you could create a very sophisticated system.

Then who knows? A year from now there is every possibility that you could be selling it as well as using it! Now there is an idea!

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