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There is a technique in writing that is referred to as ‘emotional writing’. There are various lists of ‘power words’ that marketers and copywriters use to make what they are writing exciting. Words like ‘wonderful’, ‘awesome’, ‘profitable’, ‘jaw-dropping’, ‘powerful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘exceedingly’, ‘fantastic’, are just to name a few.

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This theory also includes the fact that you have to catch people in the first 30-seconds or you may lose them. So you want these power words in your Titles or Subjects for ads, blogs, etc. There are other ways to grab somebody’s attention on a website like for example the discreet use of the color red. Not too much because it can be glaring and distracting as such. You want just enough to attract attention or to emphasize KEY points.

Another point to consider is that the majority of people that logon to the Internet are looking for information. While they may not buy something this trip, the information they find may help them to make a decision to buy something they are specifically looking for (and maybe then some!). So it is actually a perfect hook to tie free information sharing with sales.

Better than just ‘window shopping’ at a few stores to compare features, price, etc., on the Internet you can see all of the different businesses that have what you are looking for, and find just the one that is best for you. You can bet that if somebody was happy with your presentation of the information they were seeking, that they are more likely to pick your site to buy it from.

You want to be exciting without being obnoxious or ‘selling’ and at the same time to write clearly and organize your document in such a way that it is easy to read. The more facts and statistics you can include the better chance you have of being trusted. If your product has a lot of technical specifications, tables or at least bulleted lists it will help to organize it and make it easy to navigate.

Any time you are fortunate enough to find a study or survey that you can quote, it is sometimes even more compelling than a ‘review’ or ‘recommendation’. Of course be sure to include the full reference – the name of the study and a website address or other way for people to confirm that they actually exist.

Even if what you are selling is a business opportunity, you would want to include all of the features and specifications. There is nothing worse than losing a potential sale because the person could not find an answer to a question that will directly influence whether they buy something or not. So you would do well to really include as many typical or common questions as you can.

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