You Can Boost The Visitors To Your Blog or Videos By Targeting Other Languages

Most bloggers and internet marketers spend enormous amounts of time and energy to rank in English because the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries together make a huge buying conglomeration. However, the fact is those countries, although there is a lot of money concentrated there, still only amount to about 25% of all the people online. If you could publish your articles, videos, and blogs in more languages, you could easily rank for a lot of them because of the lack of competition. And, there are millions of people that are searching in other languages every minute of every day.


Marketers Have Tried Every Tactic Known To Man

But maybe the last trick, that no one has quite mastered yet, is to publish your videos and blogs in multiple other languages to reach out to the millions of other people on earth that don’t speak English. Or, even some of them that do, search first in their native tongue, and then go ahead and read English when they discover that’s all that’s available.

There is now software available that will automatically play your Youtube video in the language of the person watching it. In the past, if you wanted to attract people in other languages to your video, you would have had to remake your video in those languages and post separate videos. Now, however, there is software that will make your video play in the language of the listener. It also will rank the video in over 100 different languages on the internet so that the other 75% of the earth can find the video and watch it. There are several softwares that can do this, Lingo Blaster is one I’ve read about.

WordPress Can Now Easily Rank For Other Languages Too

WordPress now has two different ways to translate your existing website into multiple different languages. The first is to manually translate it into each language that you desire to rank for. This takes more time, but it is the best approach. It has the highest quality translation and gets better results.

The second way is to add the Google Translate services to your website. It’s easy to do and offers quick translations to almost any language in the world. It’s downfall is that it isn’t as accurate as a real translation service. What it does is, add a multi-language button on your website and the reader can merely click on the desired language and Google Translate will convert the content in a few seconds.

The WordPress Blog can also be set to detect the language of the browser of the person visiting the website and then it will automatically show the blog in that language. This works quite well most of the time as long as the person’s browser is set to their native tongue.

Where is falls short is when someone purchases a used computer in another country and doesn’t reset the language in the browser, then they’ll constantly get the wrong language shown to them by WordPress. Still, they’ll be able to click a button on the site and choose another language anytime.

If capturing the other 75% of the planet’s online users is of interest to you. You can find the Google Language Translator plugin online. After you activate it you just go to the Settings Tab to configure it and follow the instructions. Many users report instant boosts to their visits just by adding this one plugin-

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