You Really Can Afford a Free Business Opportunity

Everyone knows that few things in life are ever really completely free. Such is the case with a free biz opp- they require some investment or upfront purchases to truly thrive. What most people don’t know is how easy it is to get a free biz opp off the ground. The following list of overhead essentials outlines the real cost of one of these free opportunities, but you may be surprised to see just how affordable free can really be.

First, think of the hardware necessary. Most of these opportunities will require a computer. If you have a computer around the house, you are set! If you don’t, there are many viable alternatives to keep the cost of this necessity low. Libraries offer a great way for people to utilize computers and the internet without a substantial investment. Additionally, new technol9ogy has introduced a wide line of inexpensive but reliable net books that suffice as hardware. These tiny computers lack some of the frills larger versions might offer, but get the job done at one tenth of the price.

Second, software and connectivity are essential. If you plan to work from home, an internet connection is absolutely the most important investment you can make. If this investment is initially too high, consider taking your laptop or net book to work at a local coffee shop that offers wireless. Wireless hotspots or the library offer cheap internet alternatives as well as a place to work away from home that might minimize distractions.

Third, time is money and even free opportunities require some time. Do you have time to give? Will you need to sacrifice time from one activity to afford time for your new business? Be resourceful with your time. Find ways to accomplish work tasks while at stop lights, as dinner cooks, or even during your favorite evening show. If you can be resourceful in how you fit your new business into your day, the time investment necessary for your new free biz opp will be manageable.

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