Your Primary Tools for a Home Business Start-Up

‘Tools’ are the same as resources. Resources can be for example, time, money and skills. Starting a business online definitely requires a willingness to learn and a strong determination to succeed.


Internet Marketing Toolbox

Writing appears to be the most important skill for Internet marketing. So many applications where you need it, whether it is writing to communicate with peers, prospects and customers, blogging, and creating ads. Publishing content is of major importance. If writing is an insurmountable challenge, then there are services that you can use for ghostwriting and copyrighting that will get you through it, however with some expense.

It would be much more natural and inexpensive if you were to force yourself to accomplish something that is out of your comfort zone. You need to have the motivation to do something challenging and maybe not your favorite task if you really want to have a successful Internet business.

To make it real simple, writing is related to reading and it is related to talking. It is very much related to thinking. It is likely that you can do of these things to some degree.

So just start typing! Describe what you are thinking, what you have read, and what it means to you. Then keep adding to that as you build an email or blog. Think of all the good things about your product and just write them all down.

‘Brainstorming’ is one technique of huge value to anybody trying to write. Brainstorming is where you just let your thoughts flow freely and start listing them. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. You can clean it up later. Just get the thought out so you can see it. You can keep it as a list that you refer to when you are trying to think of something to write about. You can start new ones anytime. The idea is to keep it simple and plain so that it can help you put thoughts into words.

There really is a condition known as ‘writer’s block’ even for people who are comfortable with writing. It is more about not having ideas to write about. With business online you are fortunate that there is a vast sea of information available to anyone that you can use to create an idea to write about.

Keyword research is where you would start another list to refer to when trying to put an article or ad together. Make a list of relevant terms used in your niche to start with. For example in the home business niche, there are keywords such as working at home, make money online, affiliate marketing, business opportunities, home-based business. List each one and give yourself several blank lines under each one.

Then go to a free keyword research tool website (just type ‘keyword research’ in a search engine query) to find several resources. Some will even show you the competition. Type your keywords and look them up to get more terms that include those concepts. What you are doing is building more keyword phrases based on those root keywords. For example, “working at home” – ‘working at home earning money’, ‘make a profit working at home online’, ‘start a home-based business working online’.

These longer keyword phrases are sometimes referred to as ‘long tail keywords’ in SEO (search engine optimization). They should not be over-used – maybe 1 or 2 times in an average 500 word article, (*1-page) including the subject or title (this one is 611). ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and this will work a lot better for you than telling yourself ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘I’m new’. You have to try! “Just DO it”.

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