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Internet Marketing Strategies

There are many different techniques and strategies used for Internet marketing. Some are free, some inexpensive, and some can be a bit costly. At the same time, some are labor-intensive and some more passive. However no matter which way(s) you decide to go with your company, you should remember that the primary Internet marketing strategies involve using search engine marketing in some shape, way or form.

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You could really say that Search Engines are the ‘gods’ of the Internet. They used to just ‘direct traffic’ – and they still do. However now we know they have so much more power – sometimes for better, sometimes not. In any case it is a very good idea to learn what they ‘like’ and what they ‘don’t like’. You have a great advantage if you have them on your side, and the opposite is also true.

Starting from the time when you are ready to develop your ideas for an online business, the search engines can be very instrumental in helping you find what you need to know. They will show you which way to go and how to go there if you just ask. Obviously they appear to have an unlimited supply of information that can help you all along the way. ‘There is nothing constant except change’, so even after your business is up and running you will still need to consult the search engines periodically to stay on top of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’.

To give you an example of how really dynamic the search engines can be, if you just give then a few key words about your idea, they will send you back an expansion of those ideas, add more ideas, and provide examples and statistics. While even with information things are pretty much ‘trial and error’ on any given day, it is important to do a little research before you invest your time and money.

Search engine marketing can be done for free with a lot of research and ongoing work. However although this may not sound like fun, you will build a solid foundation for your domain if you get this going. It starts with really basic things like doing a little keyword research and over time building a list of relevant keywords. Then you would refer to that list when you are writing content for your blog, or creating an advertisement. You can do this work yourself or pay for ghostwriting or copy writing services using the search engine principles.

This is not difficult although there are more sophisticated issues that are related to this and you may or may not wish to take it that far. This is something that is pretty huge so it would be very much acceptable to start small and incorporate search engine marketing into your other strategies. As you proceed to develop your business, you could add more.

In any case if you don’t have time to do search engine research on an ongoing basis, and you have money, you could pay for various services to be done for you. With that said there is not a lot to be said for ‘submitting your links’ which seems almost useless, and in fact you have to be very careful you don’t sign up with a service that will over-do that concept and get you penalized for link spamming. Don’t get ‘sandboxed’ or be seduced by those big numbers when it comes to this. Search engines always want quality rather than quantity whether you are talking links or content.

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Internet Marketing – Finding the Market First

If you really think about a brilliant theory, you are sure eventually to see possibilities from many different perspectives. Sometimes the most simple things are the most profound. Or conversely, the most profound things are often purely simple (natural/organic).

Find the market

If you meditate on the concepts for an extended period, you may discover some priceless ideas that you can employ to assist you in developing your internet marketing strategies. Really try to visualize where this is coming from.

Think about this statement (which goes something like this): “Most people get attached to (the idea) of finding a product to sell. Great but then they need to chase people down and convince them they need or want what they are selling. It really seems natural that we would enjoy selling something that we ourselves use. However, unfortunately many times what we like or think is best, is not what even our friends or family really like – let alone something called the ‘market’.

However, the way they should be looking is to “Find the Market, and give them what they want” (and are looking for). You may be able to see how the position that you are in is very different in this dynamic. People would come to you to see what you have. They would be INTERESTED. Interested enough to take action (for real, and to actually process a transaction) aka convert to a direct sale.

If you find out what people are looking for already and then supply it you have a much easier time than trying to convince people to buy something. They should already want it, need it, or at least be curious about it. Then by providing the information they are looking for, you get an opportunity to approach them about your interests coming from a foundation of a relationship of trust.

So if you let things ‘sell themselves’, you can spend your time and other resources (effort, money) on developing and/or having a good service or product; rather than to spend everything doing marketing and advertising, and anything else that may include, so that we can generate a sale.

It’s real money whether the transaction is a direct sale, or even merely lead capture or creating a prospective customer and thereby a possibility for a sale. As well, you can have variable models for income sources. For example, maybe a combination of Residual Income and OTO (One-Time-Only) Sales/Commissions;

Your income sources may be some affiliate programs; and then also maybe some services you may want to provide as a ‘second income’. For instance if you discovered something in learning Internet marketing techniques, and being able to do the tasks yourself to promote your business, rather than to pay for services. You are on the right track, if you don’t mind doing ‘little things’ and in fact think it’s kind of fun? (You could use the extra money). If there’s nothing you are crazy about doing, then think about going shopping (with the extra money) to motivate you to take on another project to get the money.

Along the way, in finding the market, you will learn what other people need and/or want and as such you may discover more things that might be a source of income. For example you see a bunch of people who claim not to like and/or may not be able to do things like writing; or they don’t know much about using a computer. So maybe you could offer some coaching on the basic things that you know, that have come naturally to you or you have been trained to do maybe in your former career.

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Writing is a Key Skill for Internet Marketing

Don’t wince if you don’t like to write and/or don’t feel that you can write. This is one of those things where you must understand that ‘there is no can’t’. You have to provide content one way or another if you want to be a success at Internet marketing.

write on!

Don’t despair, and don’t let it be a ‘deal breaker’ though, as there are ways to get around this; but they do not include denial or ignoring the issue. There are different ways of going about this depending on your level of effort, not to mention creative ability and in lieu of either, some money.

Beyond the obvious basic communications through email, forums, texting, social networks, chats, etc., the most important tool that you have in your arsenal of Internet marketing strategies is your blog. If you don’t have one, get one. Absolutely for free, today you can get a basic (and limited) blog set up at blogger.com.

You can actually create a whole website around a blog by using wordpress.com and this is a very intelligent way to do it so that you have an easy way to add fresh content to your site on a regular basis without going into coding and continually adding pages, etc. (with blog posts). A WordPress site does however involve having a domain name and hosting account – This is a very small cost in the neighborhood of less than $10 a year for domain and you can get a decent host for $10 a month or less. (“free” hosts are not recommended). Having your own domain says ‘I am serious about this’.

Beyond basic social communications and blogging, you have other opportunities where writing is a key skill. EMail marketing is certainly a major strategy for Internet marketing and for this you need some sales and ‘follow-up’ messages to send your prospects. This of course is key because you are trying to make a favorable impression on someone. Another major strategy that involves writing is if you are employing article marketing as part of your process; of course writing ad content is also necessary and there are both short and long versions to consider.

Quite frankly when people say they have ‘writer’s block’ it is usually not that they can’t write. It is that they don’t have any ideas about what to write about. This is easier to overcome with a ‘topic’ like Internet marketing for example. You can first brainstorm a list of topics that would fall under this umbrella, such as search engine optimization, advertising, marketing, list building, getting traffic, affiliate programs, coaching, motivation, earning money from home – the list is practically endless.

The best part is by using the search engines to look any of these terms up it will give you lots of information about them. Of course never copy anybody else’s content without permission, but you can definitely get your brain in gear to write by reading everything you can. Even just reading the first few paragraphs of something can bring ideas to mind that you can elaborate on.

If you feel intimidated or have a total lack of confidence about this then think of it this way. Writing is exactly like talking. Can you talk? Most likely you can. So just imagine you are talking to a friend but write it down (or type it) instead.

Also brainstorming itself when channeled through your keyboard can be a great way to start to create an article. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or anything else – even that it makes sense – just type or write down your thoughts as they come, and then later you can clean it up to make it presentable.

If you do not speak English well or any other possible impediments to being able to write, then you will have to use the services of PLR (Private Label Rights). PLR is usually free or very inexpensive – however typically not very well-written; but you can clean it up. Or you can purchase the services of a ghostwriter (from about $5-$50 per one page article); or a copywriter (can be expensive – use for web pages or formal sales presentations).

In lieu of any of these options you can post other author’s content to your blog, as long as they give you express permission and you include their intact links as they will instruct. (this is a very serious as you do not want to be slapped with a plagerism or copyright infringement lawsuit) or have your site labeled (and excluded) by the search engines as a ‘scraper’ site.

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